Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fundamentally, the only purpose of advertising is to sell something- a product, a service, or an idea. Stated another way, the real goal of advertising is effective communication. That is, the ultimate effect of advertising should be to modify the attitude and/or behavior of receiver of the message.
The broad goal of advertising is better reached by setting specific objectives that can be incorporated into individual advertising campaigns. Of course, specific advertising objectives will be determined by the company's overall marketing strategies - especially the strategies related to the firm's promotional program. A few examples of specific goals are as follows.

1. Support personal selling. Advertising may be used to open customer's doors for sales people, and to acquaint prospects with the seller's company.
2. Reach people inaccessible to the sales force. Sales people may be unable to reach top executives, or they may not be certain who makes the buying decisions in a company. In either case, there is a good chance that these executives will read a journal that carries the ads.
3. Improve dealer relations.
4. Enter new geographic market or attract a new group of customers.
5. Introduce a new product.
6. Increase sales of a product. An advertising campaign may be designed to lengthen the season for the product (as has been done in the case of soft drinks); increase the frequency of replacement (as is done in campaigns for spark plugs and light bulbs); increase the variety of product uses; or increase the units of purchase.
7. Expand the industry's sales.
8. Counteract prejudice or substitution.
9. Build goodwill for the company and improve its reputation (a) by rendering a public service through advertising or (b) by telling of the organization behind the product.
Advertising is part of every company's marketing plan. Companies spend millions in their advertising ad because it is proven to be very effective. It is being used for brand recognition if you are launching a new brand, and also used to keep your company visible to the public. Just keep in mind that it takes study and research before you come up with a plan to have a successful marketing campaign. Keep in mind the objectives of advertising for you to be in the right path when deciding for your advertising and marketing campaign. It is one of the crucial part of the business because a bad marketing campaign can ruin everything.


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