Saturday, October 1, 2011

What is the difference between a family company and a multinational one? The difference has to do with the number of connections. While the small family company has limited connections within the city or the country, the multinational has a greater number of connections within the planet. As we can see, more connections is equal to greater success, however, knowing how to connect all the parts for the benefice of the whole is also important in order to reach success. If we were to put in place a multinational and all parts were to work for their own benefit without taking into consideration the company, the business wouldn't succeed, as simple than that.

Successful connections are based on mutual support, will it be a connection between two people or a connection between a hundred. If we take for example two people who want to do business together, one of them is good with the technical stuff and the other one is good with marketing, if rather than combining their strength for the benefice of the business, they start competing in order to receive more than the other or get more power than the other, the business will eventually crash. On the other hand, if they support each other by adding their strength to the business, it will succeed. Now let's say that their business start growing, they will have to add more connections and that notion of mutual support for the benefice of the company has to be applied as well. The equation is simple, the more a company grow, the more connections it as to establish, we can also say that the success of an enterprise as to do with how many good connections it can be establish.

Therefore, establishing the right type of connections is the most important part of success and the more we connect correctly with different parts, the better it is. As shown with the example above, regarding the difference between a small company and a multinational, establishing more connections is the road for greater achievements. Connecting correctly required consideration for the other and working for the benefice of the whole, without that, no successful connection can be put in place. Mutual support is the recipe for successful relations, any structures that is not build on a notion of mutual support, cannot stand when times get a little bit rough, hence, our connections has to be built on the same principal.
Patrice Mclane is a writer and he have many years of experiences with general systems, this include knowledge on dysfunctional systems and their consequences.


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